The world’s fastest growing brands trust Hubspot and Flatline to scale.

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Our portfolio of clients reaches from dynamic start-ups to multinational corporations, each benefiting from our data-driven approach with Hubspot.



White glove service

Flatline Agency is your partner regarding all relevant services for Hubspot and we go beyond. Combining technical expertise with a highly communicative collaboration, we are willing to take your CRM to new heights.
Our white glove service is integrating all your needs – designed to put your visions to reality.

Setup & integration

Precision Integration for peak performance: Our approach to integrating HubSpot into your digital ecosystem is grounded in technical excellence and a deep understanding of your business needs. We ensure a flawless setup and seamless integration with your existing systems, enabling a unified platform that enhances efficiency and streamlines workflows.

Design of brand and flows

We are here to tailor a design by recognising the unique essence of your brand. We craft user experiences and customer journeys on HubSpot that are not only visually appealing but also intuitive and engaging. Our designs are data-driven, ensuring they connect with your audience and drive conversions.

Sales automation

Leveraging HubSpot’s powerful sales automation tools, we design strategies that minimize manual tasks and enhance your sales team’s productivity. Our focus is on creating automated workflows that nurture leads effectively, leading to higher conversion rates and a more focused sales effort.

eMail Marketing

Targeted email campaigns with measurable impact: Utilising HubSpot’s sophisticated segmentation and personalisation capabilities, we develop email marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. Our approach is analytical, aiming for the highest engagement and conversion by delivering relevant content to the right people at the right time.


Let us helo you with building an informed strategy for sustainable growth. Our consulting services are built on a foundation of industry knowledge and HubSpot expertise. We provide actionable insights and strategic guidance tailored to your business objectives, helping you leverage HubSpot’s full potential to drive growth and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Customer service suite

We use HubSpot to transform your customer service into a strategic asset. By optimising contact management, ticketing systems, and service workflows, we empower your team to provide exceptional service. Our approach is focused on improving response times, personalising customer interactions, and increasing satisfaction.

On-site support

Dedicated support when and where you need it. Our on-site support service brings our HubSpot expertise directly to you. We offer hands-on assistance with setup, customization, and optimization, ensuring your team is fully equipped to use HubSpot efficiently. Our goal is to provide immediate, impactful support that enhances your digital strategy and operations.

Our technical expertise

Flatline Agency excels in delivering customised digital solutions and services specifically crafted to enhance your bottom-line results. We are dedicated to improving your business outcomes and maximising the impact on your customers.

Hubspot specialisation

We have acquired proficiency in unlocking the platforms complete potential. Solutions should always be innovative, relevant, and effective - that's what we are here for.

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Data-driven approach

We heavily rely on data-driven insights. Combining data and experience, we are discovering opportunities for improvement & formulating strategies.

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Redefining Marketing

We'll design and and optimise every facet of your Hubspot integration, enhancing overall user engagement.

End-to-end support

From initial consultation to ongoing strategy support, we are there every step of the way.

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Customisation & theme development at the core

Recognising that every business in unique, we excel in customising Hubspot to the max, in order to meet your specific requirements.


Service variants

We are here to support you in the way you need it and in the extent you need it, always keeping the same level of quality and deidcation. Our approach is not to just meet standards but to innovate and exceed them consistently.So simply put – pushing boundaries further.


4.9 out of 5

“I was impressed with their technical knowledge and the speed at which they operated.”

Flatline Agency delivered a scalable web app, which features a smooth and intuitive UX. Leading an agile approach, the team provided weekly updates and led regular meetings to stay on top of their tasks. Their ability to leverage their technical prowess in developing innovative solutions stood out.

“Their project management style is easy.”

Flatline Agency's work increased site traffic by 70% and improved online conversion, meeting expectations. They fostered an easy working relationship through their straightforward approach. Ultimately, their team was supportive and communicative on top of being technically proficient.

“Flatline Agency provided complete custom solutions for our client's needs.”

After deploying the app, the clients's production rate and sales went up by 5%-7% every month. Flatline Agency created a smooth workflow through a reliable project manager, who ensured both sides were always in sync. The team's knowledge and technical expertise were also key to the project's success.

"Flatline Agency worked really quickly while keeping in mind the goal of our project."

Overall, it was a successful engagement. Flatline Agency worked efficiently, delivering reliable services in a timely manner. They communicated daily via WhatsApp, ensuring the client was always updated. Also, the team really understood the project, allowing them to produce exactly what was needed.

"We are impressed with their flexibility and deep knowledge of coding."

Flatline Agency's work has driven efficiencies and a 45% increase on the client sales. Their flexibility and extensive industry expertise allow them to deliver optimal solutions for the client's needs. They communicate well and lead regular, productive meetings to ensure a seamless workflow.

Flatlines differentiation

White glove agency

We are your team of subject matter experts with years of industry experience

Flatline Agency Founder: Dylan Laseur, Visionary of Shopify Plus Excellence


Any questions we can answer for you?

We are happy to combine our expertise with your brand to brainstorm on what could be the best next steps which can increase bottom-line results


Robin Laseur

Robin Laseur Creative director at Flatline Agency


What makes Flatline Agency different from other HubSpot service providers?

Our unique blend of technical prowess, strategic thinking, and a client-first approach sets us apart. Unlike others, we don’t just execute tasks; we immerse ourselves in understanding your business goals and challenges. This deep dive enables us to tailor HubSpot solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that every aspect of your marketing, sales, and service processes is optimized for success. With Flatline Agency, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your growth.

How can Flatline Agency help with my marketing and sales process automation on HubSpot?

Our approach to marketing and sales process automation is both comprehensive and customized. By leveraging HubSpot’s powerful automation tools, we streamline your operations to save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. From setting up automated email campaigns that nurture leads down the funnel to creating sales pipelines that automatically score and assign leads to the right team member, we ensure that your marketing and sales efforts are synchronized and scalable. Our goal is to empower your team to focus more on strategy and less on manual tasks, driving better results faster.

What ongoing support does Flatline Agency offer for businesses using HubSpot?

Recognizing that digital excellence is a continuous journey, Flatline Agency offers ongoing retainer services designed to keep your HubSpot ecosystem at peak performance. This includes regular audits, updates, and strategic consulting to ensure your HubSpot platform evolves with your business needs. Whether it’s implementing new features, optimizing current processes, or providing training to your team, our dedicated support is aimed at helping you leverage HubSpot to its full potential. With our ongoing support, you can rest assured that your digital marketing, sales, and service efforts will continue to thrive and adapt in a dynamic business environment.

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