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Proud to be a partner of Shopify, WooCommerce, and end-to-end production partner of large players within the e-commerce industry. We don't simply build your webshop, we set up your entire digital architecture.

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Supporting the migration of the data for one of the worlds largest companies in the world, together with one of the AWS lead architects.

Creating an AI dashboard in React for internal and operational use.

Their restaurants and loyal customers were connected by our hyper-personalised custom development

Building and designing a Python based dealer platform for all EU car dealers.

Consulting on a strategy to parallel real-life marketing in the virtual environment and elaborated on creating a virtual reality store

A NodeJS middleware application, connecting the e-commerce store to ERP and fulfilment applications.

Strategic partnership with Deloitte to go to the next phase of the internet

A custom bottle configurator and webshop to launch a national campaign at scale.

Animation and motion design for a populair women fashion brand in Europe.

The Dutch e-learning election platform to educate the staff all over the country.

Unleash your potential for online growth

E-commerce service includes not only building a webshop but also creating your entire digital infrastructure, frontend and backend. Our great development team and marketing team will help your business scale up.

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We map every e-commerce and retail-related process in your company, set up the necessary automation, and build custom modules and connectors.

  • 01Custom connectors
  • 02Webshop
  • 03Automations
  • 04Data strategy

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    Shopify versus WooCommerce - which one should you choose?

    Core requirements

    If your core requirement is complete flexibility, you should use an open-source platform like WordPress – WooCommerce. While this helps you to easily import data feeds, customize every part of your site, manage your personal security and maintenance protocols.

    In contradiction to that, Shopify provides all the resources which an e-commerce owner needs to directly start selling to a consumer (D2C) and scale without limitations. For this reason, you have more time to focus on the things that matter: fulfillment, conversions, customer service, and much more.

    But there are many more relevant differences and examples which you should definitely consider. We would love to explain more, so feel free to book a call with one of our E-commerce Flatliners.


    Is data a necessity for my webshop?

    Simply put, yes!

    Without data, you wouldn’t know who to target, how to target them, and why they buy from your stores and brand over any other store. In addition, it could potentially grow your user retention by, for example, customer loyalty programs and gamification.

    These are actually just the mildest and easiest online data strategies available and belong to the core of data marketing. If you combine this mild online strategy with an advanced offline one, you are out and able to actually conquer the omnichannel landscape.

    Will my team be able to manage multiple shops via one central CMS?

    Great question, it depends…

    This depends on the structure, engine, and stack you choose. A great example for managing multiple shops is a headless CMS or ‘Content Management System’. Actually, this means that a central database is used to store all content for the webshop(s). The data is linked to the storefront with an API, enabling a high level of flexibility and efficiency.