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eCommerce Info

The business of buying and selling goods and services on the internet.

e·com·merce [ee-kom-ers] noun

Proud to be a partner of Shopify, WooCommerce, and end-to-end production partner of large players within the eCommerce industry. We don't simply build your webshop, we set up your entire digital architecture.

Mystic boarding

We go the extra mile where others fall short.

We don't just build a webshop, but rather create your entire digital infrastructure, from 'A to Z'. Our expert development and marketing team will be the drive in your business rapid and efficient scaling.

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Mystic Boarding

We go the extra mile where others fall short.

We don't just build a webshop, but rather create your entire digital infrastructure, frontend and backend. Our expert development and marketing team will be the drive in your business rapid and efficient scaling.

  • 3 Billion

    people shop online

  • $5.7 Trillion

    in eCommerce revenue this year alone

  • 42%

    of online sales are mobile


Our eCommerce game goes beyond just building your webshop. We're all about crafting your digital infrastructure, from slick frontend designs to powerful backend systems. We are here to take your business to new heights.


We offer


We don't just create a plan; we craft a meticulously tailored roadmap to success. With an in-depth understanding of your brand, target audience, and industry landscape, we devise a strategy that will steer your ecommerce business towards remarkable growth.


Our design services are a blend of artistry and functionality. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on seamless user experiences, we create visually stunning and user-friendly designs that reflect your brand's identity, captivates customers and drives conversions.

Shopify (Plus)

As a trusted Shopify Plus Partner, we offer tailored solutions for businesses looking to thrive in the eCommerce realm. From designing and developing a visually stunning and user-friendly online store to integrating powerful features and functionalities, we ensure that your eCommerce platform not only reflects your brand's essence but also delivers exceptional shopping experiences for your customers. We bring your dream eCommerce store to life.


We're experts in captivating customers, boosting sales, and turning your eCommerce aspirations into a thriving reality. Our custom solutions are tailored to your unique brand and objectives: From building a visually appealing and intuitive online store to engaging customers and driving sales, we have you covered.


Our marketing services are designed to drive targeted traffic, increase brand visibility, and boost conversions for your online store. Our experts analyse your market, identify opportunities, and implement strategies that skyrocket your eCommerce presence. With our strategic approach, we create marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and deliver measurable results.


Our PIM solutions empower eCommerce businesses to efficiently manage and optimise product data. Centralise, organise, and enrich your product information for consistency and accuracy across all your sales channels.


Our Web Hosting Manager services provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for managing your web hosting environment. We offer advanced features and tools to simplify server administration, account creation, email management, security settings, and software installations. We guarantee you optimal performance, security, and scalability.


Our connectors bridge the gap, enabling seamless integration and data flow across your eCommerce ecosystem. Connect with third-party apps, payment gateways, or inventory systems effortlessly. Efficient communication and data sync guaranteed. Streamline processes, boost productivity, and deliver a superior customer experience with our unified solutions.


We ensure a smooth migration process with minimal downtime, expertly assessing your requirements and selecting the most suitable platform. Our comprehensive services include data migration, design and development, integration, and rigorous testing, empowering you to transition to an advanced and scalable solution with confidence.


By separating the front-end and back-end, we offer flexibility and scalability for your online business. With our headless architectures, you can deliver lightning-fast and immersive shopping experiences on any device. Seamlessly integrate with third-party services, personalise customer journeys, and optimise performance to drive higher conversions.


Take your brick-and-mortar store to the next level with our modern Point of Sale solutions. Our user-friendly and feature-rich POS systems streamline your sales process, enabling you to efficiently manage transactions, inventory, and customer data. With real-time insights and robust reporting, you can easily make informed business decisions and significantly drive growth.

We are proud partners of

Official Shopify Plus Partner

Unleash your full eCommerce Potential.

As an official Shopify Plus Partner, we’re here to supercharge your online store and take your eCommerce game to new heights.

We know the ins and outs of the Shopify platform like the back of our hand.

From seamless store setup and customisation to powerful integrations and scalable solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Elevate Your Brand with Shopify Plus

Whether you’re a growing startup or an established enterprise, Shopify Plus provides the tools and flexibility to scale and succeed.

From robust features like multichannel selling and advanced analytics to unmatched security and reliability, Shopify Plus empowers your brand for exponential growth.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits and Support.

By partnering with us as a Shopify Plus merchant, you gain access to a world of exclusive benefits and unrivalled support. From dedicated account management and 24/7 priority support to early access to new features and expert guidance, we’re here to ensure your Shopify Plus success every step of the way

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Shopify versus WooCommerce - which one should you choose?

If your core requirement is complete flexibility, you should use an open-source platform like WordPress – WooCommerce. While this helps you to easily import data feeds, customize every part of your site, manage your personal security and maintenance protocols. In contradiction to that, Shopify provides all the resources which an e-commerce owner needs to directly start selling to a consumer (D2C) and scale without limitations. For this reason, you have more time to focus on the things that matter: fulfillment, conversions, customer service, and much more. But there are many more relevant differences and examples which you should definitely consider. We would love to explain more, so feel free to book a call with one of our eCommerce Flatliners.


Is data a necessity for my webshop?

Simply put, yes! Without data, you wouldn’t know who to target, how to target them, and why they buy from your stores and brand over any other store. In addition, it could potentially grow your user retention by, for example, customer loyalty programs and gamification. These are actually just the mildest and easiest online data strategies available and belong to the core of data marketing. If you combine this mild online strategy with an advanced offline one, you are out and able to actually conquer the omnichannel landscape.


Will my team be able to manage multiple shops via one central CMS?

Great question, it depends… This depends on the structure, engine, and stack you choose. A great example for managing multiple shops is a headless CMS or ‘Content Management System’. Actually, this means that a central database is used to store all content for the webshop(s). The data is linked to the storefront with an API, enabling a high level of flexibility and efficiency.

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