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Custom development

Building something from scratch is just the beginning. The real 'game' starts, as soon as you start to scale and grow beyond your comfort zone. We can help you achieve your goals!

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Bud "King of Beers"

Supporting the migration of the data for one of the worlds largest companies in the world, together with one of the AWS lead architects.

Creating an AI dashboard in React for internal and operational use.

Facilitating the digital experience for one of the largest European hygiene brands.

Building and designing a Python based dealer platform for all EU car dealers.

A middleware application, formatting and pushing from and through the data from Shopify webshop to the ERP and PIM. Built in NodeJS and ready to scale.

A NodeJS middleware application, connecting the e-commerce store to ERP and fulfilment applications.

A custom WordPress - WooCommerce design and built to reinvent the e-commerce store.

A custom bottle configurator and webshop to launch a national campaign at scale.

Animation and motion design for a populair women fashion brand in Europe.

The Dutch e-learning election platform to educate the staff all over the country.

We don’t take no for an answer or walk in quietly.

We defy the rules and amaze. We are your end-to-end production and begin where every other agency stops. Custom development is at the core of our business, meaning every single one of our teams is full-stack and ready to adjust to your needs.

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We don’t just build with the newest & fastest techniques, we build use the right technique to fit your company.

  • 01Web (App)
  • 02Software (SAAS)
  • 03Enterprise applications
  • 04Dashboards
  • 05Connectors
  • 06PWA

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    Are the choice of development languages and the technical architecture of great importance?

    Development languages

    There are many development languages out there, and all of them
    have their pros and cons. However, choosing the ‘wrong’
    language can result in delays, higher costs, impossibilities, a
    complete rebuild, or even have the project failing as a whole.
    Therefore, it is essential to not only state your current desire but
    also elaborate on your future plans / vision. If an agency always sticks
    to ‘one favorite language’, it is highly likely they don’t operate in
    your best interest. Whenever the agency goes a bit deeper,
    elaborate on the characteristics, and let you ultimately decide – you
    can confidently say the first red flag has turned green.

    Technical architecture

    Besides simply choosing the ‘right’ language, it is also important to
    think about the architecture. The architecture states if it can scale,
    how stability will be assured, and many other relevant variables.
    Any agency should first draw out a proper architecture and be able
    to thoroughly elaborate on this. This is simply because this
    will be the core principle of potential success (or failure).

    A fixed timeline and price is always best right?

    Of course, the cost

    The cost is always an important factor while finding the right
    match with an agency. And of course, it is very nice to know
    exactly beforehand what the exact costs are. But, let me ask you
    this: “do you exactly know what your product will look like?”.
    Exactly, of course, you don’t.

    Therefore, every process – which is free of form – needs flexibility
    built-in. Meaning that, for example, a range of hours or an
    indication based on user stories means that the agency knows that
    they need to be flexible.

    Timeline – how long would it take?

    Similar to the price, a timeline can also differ whenever the project
    changes. However, sometimes you just need to assure a certain
    deadline. Therefore, an agency should always take into account a
    certain % for an unpredicted delay (a third-party API not working
    for example). Besides, if the timeline is fixed the agency should
    state beforehand that extra resources can be dedicated whenever
    extra hours are necessary. Any other way, this would not be

    This is broadly known as one of the most common mistakes within
    the development, ruining momentum and delaying product launches
    off many companies. So be aware, and definitely, be realistic
    instead of optimistic.

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