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    Marketing & Growth
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    Animation, CRO, Design

A Timeless Capsule

When Vanilia reached out to Flatline Agency to create a new digital presence for their brand, we knew it would be one big adventure. Combining Vanilia’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality clothing with Flatline’s expertise in Marketing Growth, we created a visually appealing digital platform where all fashion enthusiasts can experience what the brand truly stands for – sustainability, elegance, and uniqueness.

The Project



At Flatline we aim to create a design that reflects a brand’s identity. Vanilia’s stylish touch is reflected on their website with seamless user experience, sophisticated layout, and trendy feel.



Our experts at Flatline utilised our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy to analyse Vanilia’s user behaviour, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies to enhance their website’s effectiveness.


Animation Design

At Flatline we blend creativity and functionality: From aesthetics to user experience, our design for Vanilia leaves a lasting impression and drives business growth. We created a sleek design, easy navigation, and captivating content that tells Vanilia’s story in their own way.

Fashion Never Tasted Better

Navigating through Vanilia’s website gives customers the whole look and feel of the brand’s personality. The stylish lay-out reflects Vanilia’s in-store experience leaving customers with a feeling of finesse and sophistication. We are happy to have created a customizable platform to cater to Vanilia’s loyal clientele.

Elevate Your Style

Success is a collaborative achievement, and here at Flatline, we’ve harnessed our collective talents to provide Vanilia’s customers with an exceptional digital journey. Through meticulous design and strategic marketing techniques, we have not only elevated the fashion brand’s online presence but also substantially increased website traffic, generated valuable leads, and achieved remarkable conversion rates.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Turning Visions into Reality.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Show Who You Are

Fashion is more than just clothes. It is an expression of one’s inner world – personality, aspirations, and self-evaluation. That is why it was very important for us at Flatline to portray this in the best way possible to Vanilia’s audience. We put our best efforts into building a digital platform where likeminded people have the opportunity to browse through high-premium goods, captivating them with a seamless shopping experience that caters to their unique style preferences.

It Is All In The Details

The design journey for the Vanilia website was a meticulous process, where every element was carefully curated to craft a finely-tuned experience that would leave a lasting impression. Vanilia entrusted Flatline with their vision, allowing us to employ potent optimization strategies that significantly boosted brand visibility. Our goal was to fashion a captivating online store, ensuring that Vanilia’s audience enjoys an unforgettable shopping adventure.

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Marketing & Growth

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