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Vanilia showroom with mannequins

Fashion has to reflect who you are


Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

A fashion brand that does something other seems to find 'impossible' - launching and producing 15 different collections yearly.

25X Animation

12X UX optimisation

5X Awesomeness found

Show store
Vanilla shop window
Cotton closeup
Cloth of Vanilla
Beautiful woman in a new beige Vanilia dress in the sun
Women in Vanilla clothing
Model posing in Vanilla clothes

Life is too short to wear boring clothes

Have you ever spent hours scrolling online to find that perfect outfit? We know it’s hard to decide whether an item will suit your expectation when it arrives to your door, but with the latest technology this is a problem of the past!

Through research of Vanilia’s UX flows in the design phase, we created various animations and micro animations for the brand. Finding the next reality in the digital space for Vanilia.

“Next level animation to unrealisticly enhance conversion ”

Lars Kamman
Motion designer

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