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Van Poelgeest

Van Poelgeest

One of the largest BMW and MINI dealers of the Netherlands

Customer satisfaction to the core - a wide choice with the accessibility of your neighbourhood dealership, exactly the mentality Flatline Agency thrives for.

19+ Applications intergrated

500+ BMW / MINI models used

3 Touchpoints unified

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Customer satisfaction to the core

The automotive industry is highly developed and competitive when it comes to customisation. Van Poelgeest, as the leading BMW and MINI car dealer in the Netherlands, reached out to us to create something that makes them stand out and that brings more value to their customers.  

Flatline created a Shopify-based webshop for car accessories as well as a full marketing stack setup with Klaviyo, Gorgias and Reviews.io, giving customers the ability to enter their plate number and find the exact fitting pieces for their car and generating a seamless purchasing experience.

“A clean and timely delivery! We would love to keep collaborating with this amazing team.”

Lars Jansen
Project Manager Van Poelgeest

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