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A Sparkle to Ignite Your Power

Tirisi, a high-end jewelry gemstone brand, was looking to elevate their customers’ experience and polish their digital presence. With an eye for detail and a truly professional craftsmanship Flatline Agency took on the task to transform Tirisi’s online representation and visibility. The result – an elaborated website feel and experience, a new take on audience reach, and a paved way to success.

The Project



Strategising is more than simple planning; it is a pathway to inevitable success. With an in-depth understanding of Fugazzi’s identity, target audience, and industry landscape, we devised an action plan to steer Fugazzi’s eCommerce business towards remarkable growth.



At Flatline we aim to create a design that reflects a brand’s identity. Fugazzi’s elegant and chic touch is reflected on their website with seamless user experience, elevated layout, and sophisticated feel.



At Flatline we are experts in captivating customers, boosting sales, and turning eCommerce aspirations into a thriving reality. We tailored our custom solutions to Tirisi’s unique brand and objectives: Building a visually appealing and intuitive online store to engage their clientele and drive sales.



Flatline took the lead in transforming Tirisi’s product information management (PIM) needs into a seamless and efficient solution. We orchestrated the PIM makeover for Tirisi, ensuring all their goods are now centralized, organized, and enriched to maintain consistency across Tirisi’s platform.


B2B Marketing

Flatline developed an individual strategy for Fugazzi to connect with their target audience and establish strong relationships with their clients. By building complex B2B loyalty systems, we ensure Fugazzi’s definitive business growth. Our approach encompassed lead generation, account-based marketing, and content marketing, positioning Fugazzi as industry thought leaders.



Our Web Hosting Manager delivered a robust solution for Fugazzi, streamlining server administration, account creation, and email management with advanced tools. Our security measures strengthened Fugazzi’s data protection, while seamless software installations and optimal performance ensured a complete, worry-free server package.

Shining Bright

Navigating through Tirisi’s WooCommerce-based webshop gives customers the whole look and feel of the brand’s personality. The exquisite lay-out reflects Tirisi’s in-store experience leaving customers with an elegant, unforgettable lingering sense of delight. We are happy to have created a customizable platform to cater to Tirisi’s discerning clientele.

Become Your Highest Self

Success is a team effort and we at Flatline combined all of our strengths to provide Tirisi’s customers with a polished eCommerce experience. From meticulous designs to strategic marketing plans, we helped the luxurious jewelry brand to attract more website traffic, generate valuable leads, and drive conversions.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Turning Visions into Reality.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Always on Top

Jewelry is more than accessorising. It is a representation of character, lifestyle and aspirations. It is a journey one embarks on a daily basis. That is why it was very important for us at Flatline to portray this in the best way possible to Tirisi’s audience. We put our best efforts into building a digital platform where likeminded people have the opportunity to browse through high-end jewels, captivating them with a seamless shopping experience that caters to their unique style preferences.

Detail, Precision, Professionalism

Designing the Tirisi website was a detail-oriented process of choosing all the right pendants to create a magnificent experience and leave an unforgettable impression. Tirisi relied on Flatline’s expertise to leverage powerful optimisation techniques leading to increased brand visibility. We made sure to create an elegant webshop for an outstanding shopping experience by Tirisi’s audience.

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