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Iconic Jewelry for Iconic Women

Tirisi - a worldwide estimated high-quality jewelry brand for every woman and every occasion. By applying the newest technologies we created a website that equals the Tirisi standards to reach jewelry purchasers all over the world, and making your purchase journey as seamless as possible.

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Iconic Jewelry for Iconic Women

Tirisi was founded in 2010 and represents luxury high-qualitative jewelry made for daily use. By creating the new Tirisi website we made sure that looking for your new jewel is as seamless as possible, since the decision for a new jewellery piece isn’t always simple.

It may take multiple revision and because of that we created a pioneering solution to let jewelry lovers view and esteem their desired jewelry at the Tirisi website and simply find a retailer. Always providing the best quality, Tirisi and Flatline are the perfect match! 

“It has been a great pleasure to work with the Flatline team, they advised us well, and we are happy to start this long-lasting relationship”

Diego van Sommeren
Creative Director Tirisi

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