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North Actionsports group surfers walking on the beach going for a surf session

Nothing burns like the cold


North ASG - Mystic

The most brutal action sports groups in the world is exactly the bold-hearted mentality we tend to collaborate with.

1 Custom middleware

9 Webshops

12+ Automated flows

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Kitesurfer in the air
Mystic kitesurfing equipment
Kitesurfer gives high five to friend
Thermal suits on the washing line
Flying kitesurfer

The big, the bold, the best

The North Actionsports Group is one of the boldest brands in the world. They love to challenge every human being to be better, bolder, with no fear. They are have elevated the actionsport gear market, creating robust, high-tech products.

Flatline helped to try and change a perspective. By building a custom middleware to automate the workflows between all of the 9 webshops, PIM and ERP systems. Therefore enabling this group of brands to scale to the next level, just like their athletes.

“As a fan of the first hour, this collaboration was a dream come true.”

Dylan Laseur
Founder Flatline Agency

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