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Big dreams have small beginnings

MG motor

A historic brand - MG Motor

Known for its speed and innovation, MG is one of the most historic and iconic car brands the world has ever known.

2 Months development

265+ Car dealers

1000+ Documents

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Historic and still roaring

As part of SAIC Motors, MG has earned its spot as number 27 on the fortune 500 list. Automotive giants, like MG Motors focus on the quality, safety & due diligence in all aspects of their company. With this in mind, it was a perfect collaboration.

We created a web app within 8 weeks for MG Motor repairers throughout Europe, this platform was designed to centralise confidential documents and aid communication between repairers and dealers in the organisation.

“One centralised platform, saving hours every day”

J. Pieters
Employee Car dealer

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