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Just Eat

Just Eat

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    Custom Development, Marketing & Growth
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    Strategy, Enterprise Applications, Platforms

Getting to the Meat of the Matter

At Flatline Agency, we’re no strangers to disrupting the digital landscape. When Just Eat, the leading food delivery giant, wanted to spice up their customer experience across Europe, they knew just where to come. Our collaboration involved layering strategy, enterprise applications, and platforms, all whipped up to perfection.

The Project



Our idea of strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We sunk our teeth into Just Eat’s unique landscape, target audience, and pain points. The goal? To craft a roadmap that didn’t just pander to success but delivered a smorgasbord of growth, turning clicks into customers.



No more dull, digital interfaces! For Just Eat, we rolled up our sleeves and fused artistry with utility. The result? A visually captivating platform that’s not just a treat for the eyes but also dishes out the smoothest of user experiences.



Hello, hassle-free operations. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions transformed Just Eat’s backend into an easily accessible and scalable environment. Their team could now focus on what they do best: serving up delicious meals.


Enterprise Applications

We turbocharged Just Eat with tailored enterprise apps that cranked up their efficiency. These apps cut through the chaos, streamlining everything from Customer Relationship Management to in-house operations.



Communication gaps? Not on our watch. We rolled out connectors that made sure every piece of Just Eat’s digital jigsaw puzzle was talking to each other. Inventory, third-party apps, you name it – all were in sync, working in mouthwatering harmony.



Just Eat was sitting on a goldmine of opportunities. So we built them a robust platform that could handle everything from customer data to meal orders. We got them cooking on all burners, ready to serve every customer that came their way.


Content Creation

Content is king, but engagement is queen. And for Just Eat, we provided a royal suite of compelling content, that quickly turned the brand into a digital Michelin-starred chef.

What's Cooking?

Churned by our vibrant young team, we cooked up a hyper-personalised platform that connected thousands of restaurants with their drooling customers across 5 countries and in 6 languages. That’s 12,500 users digging into a delightful experience. Just Eat’s user engagement stats were looking tastier than ever.

From Timeless Design to Unmatched Functionality

Here’s what made this recipe a real treat. Just Eat’s platform was built to be robust and agile, enabling Just Eat to adapt quickly to market trends. All that, plus a sprinkle of custom dashboards for analytics, helped them stay ahead in the fast-paced food delivery game.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Turning Visions into Reality.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Beyond the Plate.

We made sure that every solution was seasoned with analytics, because what’s growth without measurable results? We made sure Just Eat doesn’t just know the what, but the why, and the how to keep scaling.

Small Bites, Big Impact.

What we served up for Just Eat wasn’t just a quick fix; it was a full-course meal designed for scalable growth. We’re not talking about surviving; we’re talking about thriving.

Thinking smaller scale but still want to pack a punch? Don’t underestimate the impact of custom solutions for smaller operations; they can be game-changers.

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