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Step into the metaverse

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

We consulted on a strategy to parallel real-life marketing in the virtual environment and elaborated on creating a virtual reality store and an immersive environment through new and innovative methods.

Strategies possible

3 Metaverse consultants

14,000+ Employees


Welcome to the metaverse

Today, the metaverse is brimming with opportunities for businesses. The age of digital dependency has transformed consumer behaviour, more people are shopping, working, playing, and learning online. With this trend ever increasing, it is the perfect time to bring your brand to the metaverse – and this is precisely what Hugo Boss intends to do.

Taking this step will allow Hugo Boss to reach new audiences, improve consumer confidence, and explore a potential revenue stream. The brand approached us to consult and devise a strategy to make their way into the metaverse. Through an analysis of the company and an extensive understanding of the luxury goods industry, we provided the solutions to how they can achieve success in this new world.

“Interesting and fresh ideas for their metaverse strategy”

Andy Berendsen
CEO Under Reality

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