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Sophistication and luxury in a scent

Confidence is key - that’s why we back the dedication to provide high-quality, luxury scents that make you feel confident on any occasion and created a Website as well as providing ongoing constant marketing content.

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Sophistication and luxury in a scent 

Fragrance eCommerce? How do you buy a fragrance without knowing what it smells like? It is just starting and we love to take part in this journey, and together with Fugazzi, show you how it’s done! Flatline Agency took their online presence to the next level and helped building the brands name in the digital world.

By creating an Omnichannel Website and next-level growth marketing strategy for Fugazzi, Flatline Agency provides an A-Z concept for the brand. Integrating the Shopify applications Klaviyo, Gorgias and Reviews.io lets Flatline provide a seamless online purchase journey for every Fragrance lover.  

“We are rapidly reaching our growth goals with the integrated Flatline and Fugazzi team.”

Bram Niessink
Founder& CEO Fugazzi

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