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Florèz, the go-to brand for modern women seeking fashionable and comfortable jeans, embarked on a digital transformation journey to integrate their online and offline presence seamlessly. Their mission was to create an end-to-end omnichannel eCommerce structure, enabling a flawless customer experience across all platforms.

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Embracing Digital Innovation

Florèz, one of the leading women’s jeans fashion brands, had a vision to redefine their digital persona and revolutionise the way they engage with customers. To bring their aspirations to life, they partnered with Flatline Agency, a team of skilled professionals who live and breathe results. With a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for crafting high-level strategies, we became the driving force behind Florèz’s digital transformation.

The Project



We didn’t just create a plan; we crafted a meticulously tailored roadmap to success. With an in-depth understanding of Florèz’s brand, target audience, and industry landscape, we devised a strategy that steered Florèz’s eCommerce business towards remarkable growth.


Shopify (Plus)

As a trusted Shopify Plus Partner, we offer tailored solutions for businesses looking to thrive in the eCommerce realm. From designing and developing a visually stunning and user-friendly online store to integrating powerful features and functionalities, we ensured that Florèz’s eCommerce platform not only reflects their brand’s essence but also delivers exceptional shopping experiences for their customers.



Our design services are a blend of artistry and functionality. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on seamless user experiences, we created a visually stunning and user-friendly design that reflects Florèz’s identity, captivates customers and drives conversions.



Our expert team created targeted campaigns and engaging content across various platforms, ensuring Florèz’s message reaches the right audience at the right time. From social media, e-mail & SMS marketing to search engine advertising and conversion rate optimisation, we were there to help Florèz get the most out of their online presence and drive remarkable results.


Performance Marketing

Our performance marketing strategies are tailor-made for Florèz’s success. We dove deep into data, uncovering the best channels and tactics to reach Florèz’s target audience.


Social Media Marketing

We created impactful strategies, engaging content, and targeted campaigns across popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. From amplifying Florèz’s voice to fostering meaningful connections, we helped to make major waves in the digital realm.



Our cutting-edge Search Engine Advertising strategy maximised Florèz’s online advertising potential. With our expertise, we drove targeted traffic, boosted brand visibility, and delivered measurable results.


Email Marketing

Through captivating newsletters and targeted promotions, we helped Florèz to reach their audience directly in their inboxes. From crafting compelling campaigns to building personalised customer journeys, we’re here to make every email count.


SMS Marketing

We deliver impactful messages that grab attention and drive action. With high open rates and instant delivery, our SMS marketing made connecting Florèz with their customers and boosting conversions a breeze.



With our advanced Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy, we analysed user behaviour, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies to enhance Florèz’s website effectiveness.



We fuelled Florèz’s online success with our Search Engine Optimisation services: Skyrocketing their website’s visibility, outranking competitors, and driving targeted traffic to Florèz’s digital doorstep.


Lead Generation

We identify and engaged Florèz’s target audience, capturing valuable leads for their sales funnel. Through a combination of targeted campaigns, compelling content, and data-driven strategies, we helped Florèz generate quality leads and drive conversions.

Digital Threads, Fashion Heights

Flatline Agency collaborated with Florèz to reinvent their digital landscape. By leveraging our expertise in eCommerce development, we created a sophisticated and user-friendly online platform that perfectly showcased Florèz’s exquisite collection. The Shopify webshop, offering customers a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints.

From Fittings to Clicks

Flatline Agency’s marketing and growth services became the secret ingredient to Florez’s online success. With a comprehensive strategy that encompassed advertising, social media marketing, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and more, Flatline Agency propelled Florez’s brand visibility to new heights. Their expertise in lead generation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) helped Florez attract more website traffic, generate valuable leads, and drive conversions.

We go the extra mile where others fall short.

Transforming Visions into Reality.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams.

Unleashing Chic.

Through their collaboration with Flatline Agency, Florèz successfully reinvented their digital persona and established a strong presence in the competitive fashion industry. The integration of diverse applications and the unification of touchpoints across platforms allowed Florèz to offer customers a consistent and delightful experience at every stage of their shopping journey. With Flatline Agency’s marketing expertise, Florèz witnessed remarkable growth, attracting a broader audience and solidifying their position as a fashion-forward brand.

Style in the Digital Spotlight.

Flatline Agency’s partnership with Florèz has been an exciting adventure, fusing the art of fashion with the power of technology. Together, they have crafted an omnichannel commerce strategy that unites every touchpoint, creating a seamless and immersive experience for Florèz’s valued customers. With Flatline Agency in their corner, Florèz has successfully embraced the digital era, leaving a lasting impression and paving the way for continued growth in the world of women’s fashion.

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