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Long-term web3 dominance



Through a long-term strategic partnership, we are collaborating with Deloitte in order to create a better company-wide understanding and guide these top performers through the next phase of the internet with some knowledge and code.

20+ Keynote given

12 Teams enlightened

Relevance of knowledge

Deloitte C&M metaverse and web3 masterclass
Drinks on the Deloitte Digital roof terrace after a masterclass
Metaverse masterclass with Andy Berendsen

Long-term metaverse dominance!

Becoming and being Deloitte its metaverse, web3, and innovation consultant means something. A very strong fit, while both of us love innovating, and challenging the status quo.

Deloitte is the biggest of the big 4 and definitely the most dominant one, working for clients like; Microsoft, GM, Berkshire Hathaway, Boeing and so many more! Definitely, one of those companies we love collaborating with!

Deloitte Digital Amsterdam

“Another amazing metaverse masterclass”

Hester Wiarda
Innovation consultant

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