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A group of people celebrating with a couple of beers

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The king of beers - Dreambottle

As one of the two key production partners for Bud EU, We developed a custom bottle configurator. Reaching Bud fans all over the globe to personalize their beer bottle.

1 Month development

2x Times faster pagespeed

53K+ Bottles creators

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Bud beer
Bud beer closeup
Bud beer closeup
Bud King of beers

The biggest fish out there

While AB-InBev is one of the largest companies in the world, it decided to strengthen its dominance with AB-InBev’s Budweiser. Starting with an almost monopolistic 50% percent market share in the USA, we were honoured to help them take the next step.

Just like Bud, we love to build and challenge the status quo. This was a match made in heaven for us at Flatline agency together with Wink as creative experiental agency. Together, we showed the market what a real powerhouse looks like.

“I engraved my dream into a Bud bottle”

Davey Zaal
Fan King of Beers

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