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    eCommerce, Custom Development, Marketing & Growth
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    Websites, Software, Design

A Cheers to Innovation

Bud, a globally recognized brand, sought to deepen its connection with consumers. Flatline Agency was enlisted to transform this vision into reality through our expertly crafted custom development services. Our comprehensive suite of services laid the foundation for a highly interactive, user-friendly experience that also streamlined Bud’s operational efficiency.

The Project



We kicked things off with a robust website that serves as the backbone of all the action. Decked out with the latest tech, the site is designed to impress and built to perform.



With our deep dive into eCommerce strategies, we developed a seamless shopping experience that made it easy for Bud fans to buy what they love, where they love it.



The graphics aren’t just eye candy; they’re show-stoppers. Using cutting-edge CGI technology, we made sure Bud’s brand visuals were top-tier.



Customized software solutions streamlined Bud’s internal operations, making it easier for them to focus on what they do best: brewing killer beer.



When it comes to design, our approach was as crisp as a cold Bud. We integrated every element to reflect the brand’s aesthetics while keeping user experience front and center.


Enterprise Applications

Our enterprise solutions worked behind the scenes to enhance the business processes, making them as smooth as that first sip of Bud.



Forget confusing spreadsheets; our dashboards provided real-time insights into metrics that matter, from sales data to customer interactions.



Integration was key. Our connectors ensured that every piece of the Bud ecosystem communicated flawlessly, from front-end to back-end.



Our Progressive Web App (PWA) technology allowed Bud to engage with users in new, dynamic ways, extending their reach beyond traditional platforms.

From Pints to Pixels

For this venture, Flatline Agency offered a comprehensive service suite, ranging from eCommerce systems to advanced software solutions and intuitive design interfaces. Our multi-faceted approach ensured a seamless and efficient implementation.

Drafting the Future

Our focus transcended mere technical deliverables. The custom bottle configurator we developed became an integral part of Bud’s brand narrative, aligning perfectly with Flatline’s ethos of creating memorable digital experiences.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Turning Visions into Reality.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Dreams

Canned Success.

Our collaboration with Bud and our partnership with Wink for creative experiential solutions provided an opportunity to disrupt conventional branding strategies. This joint effort enabled us to deliver an immersive and compelling consumer experience.

A group celebrating with a couple of beers for the Bud campaign

Hopportunities Await.

We set out to brew a blend of high-end tech and innovative design, and that’s exactly what we poured into Bud’s custom bottle configurator. Leaning on our expertise in software and CGI, we whipped up a tool that allowed Bud fans to not just personalize but actually visualize their dream beer bottle. It was more than a personal touch—it was a masterstroke in digital craftsmanship.

Do we have your attention?

Custom Development

Building something from scratch is just the beginning. The real ‘game’ starts, as soon as you start to scale and grow beyond your comfort zone. We can help you achieve your goals!

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