UX in 5 years


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Looking back over the last five years, we can reflect on how far UX has come and how the field continues to evolve. It’s an exciting time to work in UX, and just as important as looking back, we must also look ahead to the future. And though we don’t have a crystal ball, we think the future of UX looks pretty bright. 

UX in five years? 

It looks like us, it looks like people, it looks like users. It looks like the way people think that things should look because really good design people notice, they’re like, “Wow that is so fantastic, “it’s slick, it looks good.” UX, good UX, good CX, nobody notices it, nobody goes, “Oh wow, that’s really good.” You know the old adage, the only UX you notice is when it goes wrong.

So UX looks like us, UX looks like everything around us, but done really well, it gets out of the way.

And when we stop noticing it is when we’re doing a really really good job. In terms of where it’s gonna be in five years, it depends, it’s gonna depend a lot we think, on the UX practitioners, we think the opportunity is there, now it’s how we realize it. We think there’s a lot of emerging technologies like A.I, augmented reality, virtual reality, all these different new emerging technologies that we, as UX practitioners, are going to have to find different ways to approach, find new patterns that work.

Much in the same way that when iPhone first came out, we didn’t necessarily know what the heck to do or how best to design for it, and now we very much do, so we think that’s gonna be the same with some of these emerging technologies coming forward. UX we think it’s going to impact many facets of the industry, I think it’s going to take off in a very big way.

Slowly fading away?

Well, we do not see it fading away or somehow being realized that it’s not valuable, we think the only way from here is up for UX so that’s a good thing. Everywhere we hope. We have so many products that we use these days that we can tell, a lot of UX has gone into them, and that makes me really happy. We hope to see that in everything, everything that we use.

The adoption of UX

We think we are already seeing wide adoption of UX and it’s going to get even more exciting and we think the emphasis will be more towards healthcare and many different industries. We think the focus on people will always be there and that’s not going to change. We see continued focus on shifting those mindsets from a focus on the interface to a focus on humans and human-centered design. And investing in the resources and the tools to do that deeper research and to engage those principles and practices and execute on them. Usability testing, user interviews, all those things are just so core to what we do.

We don’t see those going away any time soon. The user isn’t going away, so we’re not gonna go away in our interactions with the user and how we get the data that’s gonna make their lives easier…

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