How to effectively use TikTok pixel on Shopify.


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Do you know you can leverage TikTok for your Shopify store?

TikTok pixel helps your Shopify store increase sales by connecting TikTok ads and your Shopify store.

As you already know TikTok is a trend in social media to increase brand awareness, especially for the young generation. Every businessman, without exception, has thought about how to use TikTok for his/her business at least once.

Not surprisingly, TikTok can actually work with Shopify to increase sales!

What is TikTok pixel?

TikTok app on a screen
TikTok app

The TikTok Pixel is a piece of HTML code that assists advertisers in measuring advertising efficaciously by monitoring user behaviors, online activity, and conversions. The information that TikTok Pixel will offer marketers will help them better understand how users engage with your website. (It’s basically the same as Meta Pixel for Instagram or Facebook ads.)

The data collection method is “Tracking Pixel”. The advantage of this tracking method is easy to set up. If you want to know more about this tracking method, this blog is helpful.

Simply said, it is an effective measurement tool that monitors the effects of your TikTok ads on your website. With the help of this ingenious piece of code, you can keep tabs on user activity, sales, and advertising effectiveness.

Why should you use TikTok pixel?

The main advantage of using TikTok pixel is TikTok ads optimization.

TikTok Pixel enables you to improve optimization by providing the algorithms with additional information about customers who are more likely to make purchases.

You can track a series of events and user actions by putting a TikTok pixel on your website. When your potential customers see your TikTok ads and navigate to your website from the ads, you can analyze the effectiveness of the TikTok ads by tracking their behavior on your website and see if they make purchases or not.

How to integrate TikTok pixel into Shopify?

Integration of Tiktok pixel is so easy. There are basically two ways to start using TikTok pixel. In this blog, the way for Shopify is introduced. (Another way is “manually install pixel code”)

Install the TikTok app from the Shopify app store

TikTok app

Firstly, install the TikTok app in your Shopify store. You can download it from here.

Connect TikTok ads manager and Shopify

After installing the TikTok app on Shopify, click the “Add sales channel” button on the top right.

Since this app needs to access customer data and store data, you need to connect Shopify and TikTok.

Then, choose “Grow your business on TikTok”.

Connect Tiktok For Business.

If you do not have an account for TikTok for Business, you need to create an account to start advertising on TikTok.

Create Advertiser Account from TikTok for Business

After connecting your Shopify store with a TikTok advertiser account, follow the instruction on the screen.

Choose the right TikTok Ads Manager.

In the data sharing section, choosing MAXIMUM is recommended to collect enough data for your business.

As you finish filling up all information, click “Finish Setup”.

We’re all set!

To check if it’s working or not, go to TikTok Ads Manager > Assets > Manage your event

If you find a web event that is created at the same time you connected Shopify with Tiktok, it’s working.


TikTok is one of the best marketing channels to reach a lot of potential customers from the young generation.

If the target of your product is a young audience, you should consider advertising on TikTok and this TikTok pixel would be a must.

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