What is Shopify remarketing? Introducing 4 types of remarketing


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What is Shopify remarketing? Remarketing is, as the word indicates, a marketing strategy where its targets are already aware of the brand or have visited the website before.

In this over-flooded information world, it is unavoidable for consumers to forget your brand even if they liked your products when they visited your website or saw your ads on the internet. For your business, it is wasting your opportunity to increase your sales. Remarketing offers a solution to this problem.

In this post, I will discuss what Shopify remarketing is and introduce 4 ways to do your remarketing campaigns.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing strategy used to offer relevant advertisements to customers who have already viewed a product page or website without making a purchase. For instance, this marketing strategy leverages information on a customer who adds an item to their basket but doesn’t check out to show them adverts on Google, social media, and other websites to persuade them to purchase the item.

Remarketing refers to the act of “re”-marketing to consumers who have already recognized your brand, whether through product category browsing, adding items to their shopping carts, or viewing a landing page without subscribing to your newsletter. It’s a particularly effective technique for re-engaging your potential customers and reminding them of why they chose your brand.

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How it works

Remarketing keeps track of user information to learn where visitors have accessed and what activities they have taken—or, more importantly, haven’t taken—on your website. Most frequently, it is used to deliver advertising to users based on their browsing history data, which allows for very focused and personalized marketing campaigns.

How remarketing works

If you are a Shopify store owner, you can collect the consumer data who are interested in your product or service and use the data for your more effective advertisement.

Remarketing campaigns are an effective strategy for online businesses since they increase the likelihood that website visitors who are targeted will convert by 43% and show previously viewed product advertising to 3 out of 5 online users.

4 ways for Shopify remarketing campaigns

Remarketing has several types. What you want to accomplish, the kind of clients you want to reach, and how you want to reach them will all influence how you use it. With four different ad types, remarketing can assist you in a number of ways.

1. Standard remarketing

The most typical type of remarketing is standard remarketing. It uses pixel tags and cookie data to track and target users who have visited your website. For instance, you can use a Google banner or text ad, an email, or a social media ad to remarket to everyone who has visited your homepage in the last month.

Source: 5 Examples of Email Remarketing Campaigns to Get Inspiration From

This company tried email remarketing. They sent emails to people who have an interest in your product. These emails played a reminder role for their potential customers by sending them at dinner time.

2. Dynamic remarketing

Ecommerce companies can benefit a lot from dynamic remarketing. It specifically targets visitors with dynamic advertising for the products they have recently viewed or put in their shopping carts on your website. You must submit a product feed to the platform you wish to use for serving the advertising if you want to execute this kind of marketing campaign through Google, social media, or email.

Source: 17 killer Dynamic Creative examples: Get 100% attention on Facebook

Your business can promote your product based on your consumer’s interests. For example, if your site visitor saw your pink shoes, the advertisement can show pink shoes with a discount.

3. Display remarketing

Retargeting with display ads is an easy approach to connecting with website visitors. It keeps track of clients who have expressed interest in your company and its products and displays graphic advertisements for your company to them when they visit other websites. Websites that are a part of the Google display network may display adverts.

Source: Types of Display Ads

4. Search remarketing

Search remarketing is a quick technique to grab the attention of former website visitors in search engines. Your search advertising is automatically customized depending on website users’ online browsing history. For instance, search remarketing will show them PPC results that mention a product page if they have already viewed it without making a purchase.


As you already know, remarketing is a great approach to getting disinterested customers back on board. They are hot leads since they have already expressed interest in your company. Sometimes all you need to do is refresh their recollection. With a well-planned remarketing strategy, you can entice potential customers back to your website rather than lose them when the moment they leave.

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