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Shopify announced POS Go on Tuesday (9/27). It is a portable device with an inventory tracker, card reader, and barcode scanner integrated into it. Shopify’s POS system was formerly accessible by installing an app for PC, Android, or iOS. POS Go may be utilized at the checkout counter, on the store floor, or even at the curb because it is portable and does not require a connection to a phone or computer.

The launch of POS Go coincides with a rise in the number of consumers who prefer to purchase offline rather than online. The data shows that from January through August, more than 80% of retail sales were conducted in-store, despite the fact that e-commerce is continuously growing. Shopify thinks its point-of-sale technology, which it claims assisted merchants in increasing sales by 80% in the first quarter of 2022, can assist shops in better coping with this situation.

POS Go Features

1. Online and off management

You can manage products, payments, staff, and customer information whether you are online or in the store.

2. Customize the Shopify POS

Customization of the Shopify POS app is available with POS GO

3. Integration of POS hardware

With safe, dependable hardware, you can design the perfect POS system

4. Close the sales wherever you are

The built-in barcode scanner and card reader are available for checkouts at the counter, on the floor, or curbside with Wi-Fi.

5. Confident payments

Robust software allows customers to pay with only a few steps, a tap, a swipe, or a chip. POS Go accepts any payment type including credit, debit, and mobile wallets.


Even though online sales have grown significantly during corona, people still prefer to buy in-store. The POS Go will make online and offline sales more connected, which will increase the importance of omnichannel sales even more.

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