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Shopify just announced new features which will be released soon. As you can see in the new features, Shopify is trying to help Shopify owners scale their global eCommerce business through Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus New features for Global Commerce

Globalization is only accelerating. By 2022, the global e-commerce market is anticipated to reach US$5.55 trillion, providing enormous opportunities for online retailers to grow abroad. In other words, entering the global e-commerce market brings you a big chance for you.

Global Commerce Toolkit

Global Commerce Toolkit

Shopify offers Global Commerce Toolkit for Shopify owners who want to sell their products cross-border. This document covers how to equip yourself with the right tools to build and expand your international brand, step by step.

Global Commerce Toolkit contains:

Understand global commerce trends in 2022

Find out how to anticipate the global buyer needs that are not negotiable in 2022. Additionally, a thorough understanding of the current market conditions and tried-and-true methods for adapting and succeeding wherever your business locates.

Map and plan your expansion

Find out how to identify the most lucrative locations for your global development, comprehend brand fit, and even try out new regions nearly risk-free.

Launch your global business

Learn how to streamline global logistics and foreign fulfillment, localize your brand experience without using up too many resources, and guarantee that you are abiding by local laws.

Expand your international reach

This section covers how to be successful in popular e-commerce markets like China, Australia, and the UK. Additionally, learn about potential obstacles by market and how to get through them.

Scale and optimize your operations

Learn how 3PLs and automation are used by high-growth businesses to stay competitive (while cutting inefficiency). Moreover, how to gradually increase the sustainability of your supply chain.

Shopify Plus makes it easy to sell internationally in 175 countries and 21 languages through a single online store. Even if it’s your first time selling cross-border.

p.25, How To Launch Your Global Business

Shopify Translate & Adapt

Shopify Translate & Adapt

Shopify announced a new plugin, Shopify Translate & Adapt. This plugin allows you to translate your Shopify Store language into different languages.

By doing so, you can expect additional sales from overseas. According to the Shopify survey, 72% of customers prefer to purchase from a brand that can answer their questions in their own language.

Shopify Plus: Product Updates

Shopify Alerts

Shopify Alerts

Missing critical Shopify notifications can interrupt your store operations and cost your company money. Shopify Alerts can prevent you from this situation.

Shopify Alerts are sent via an alerts feed in the admin to inform your team of important shop information. Only those employees in your company who have the store rights to do the task(s) will receive these notifications.

Draft order submission for B2B checkout

Draft order submission page

With our new order confirmation feature, you can now tailor the B2B Checkout procedure for each company location. Within Shopify’s robust checkout, you can decide whether to have wholesale orders sent as drafts for an extra review or instantly approved for a quick order process.

Shopify Plus: Understanding the global commerce

Shopify Plus Academy

Shopify Plus Academy

Shopify Academy now covers Shopify Plus lectures. They teach you how to go global, how to use Shopify tools to accelerate your social commerce, and so on. These courses are all free if you are in Shopify Plus member.

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