10 must-check Shopify updates from Shopify Editions | Winter ’23


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Finally, Shopify has just released its Winter 23 Edition, packed with more than 100 new product updates that help Shopify owners grow their businesses and developers build better Shopify stores. 

The Shopify edition announcement gives you various insights that lead you to find the next strategy for 2023. Whether you’re already a Shopify Plus customer or considering switching to the platform, here are 10 must-check announcements to look out for!

Shopify Editions | Winter ’23

Every time Shopify edition has its unique concept for each update. This time, the theme is “Built to Last.” But what is this about?

According to the Commerce Trend 2023 published by Shopify Plus, more and more eCommerce owners pay attention to making long-term profits because they experienced unstable eras such as COVID-19 and Russo-Ukrainian War. We can assume that is why Shopify editions 2023’s theme is “Built to Last.” They announced many new Shopify features that can increase customer engagement, LTV(Lifetime value), and more.

10 must check Shopify updates

In this Shopify edition | Winter ’23, nine update categories and over 100 product updates have been announced. Hence, getting critical insight from this announcement can get a little confusing. We will introduce 10 product updates from this announcement to give you an overview of the most important updates for your Shopify store! If you want to know all information, check the Shopify announcement website: Shopify Editions | Winter ’23

With all that said, let’s get started!

1. Drag-and-drop checkout editor

The checkout interface is crucial for your brand image! Here, Shopify created the all-new drag-and-drop checkout editor to make it easier to customize and integrate Shop pay seamlessly. You can find the “Checkout and accounts” tab of the Shopify store dashboard to customize your checkout page easily.

The editor allows you to change your checkout interface design, such as the logo, text colors, text fonts, and more. You can design more freely for your checkout page. Additionally, if you want to design a more unique checkout page, you can use Checkout Branding API and API Client tool. You can also install external applications to add features that can increase the conversion rate on the checkout page, cross-sell setup, automatic discount setup, and more. The new checkout is fully responsive, ensuring an optimal experience on any device, including mobile phones.

Find out more about the all-new drag-and-drop checkout editor

2. AI-generated product description

We know it has been hard to add effective product descriptions to each product for your Shopify store. And those descriptions should be SEO optimized and different to show your product strength.

With Shopify Magic, you do not need to spend valuable time on annoying tasks. Just rely on AI! Shopify Magic can create product descriptions based on input keywords or product features. It even allows you to choose the text tone. Since the descriptions contain your input keyword, the product description will tend to be strong for SEO.

Reduce store development time sharply by leveraging this new feature!

Shopify Magic

3. POS GO: All-in-one mobile selling hardware

Shopify is not only offering an eCommerce platform, but it can also create great in-person purchasing experiences. These days, expanding its sales channel across in-person and online is getting attention as omnichannel commerce among eCommerce owners.

POS GO is Shopify’s latest mobile POS (point of sale) device that can help you sell your product in person, such as at a market or event. With this device, you can easily manage all your inventories in one place, even if they are sold in a physical store.

There are already a few types of Shopify POS devices, so we recommend you check them out and start your omnichannel commerce!

A complete comparison of Shopify POS hardwares

4. Integration with YouTube

Sync & sell your product on Youtube! Now, Shopify collaborated with YouTube so that you can sell your products on the streaming app to create a new shopping experience for your customers.

Your customers can learn about your product by watching YouTube, and once they like it, they can immediately purchase it. You can put your product information below your video, pin it in the chat, or tag it during a live stream.

In addition to this new feature, Shopify offers Shopify Collabs, where you can find influencers. You can easily start effective influencer marketing with the combination of YouTube integration and Shopify Collabs.

Sell your product on YouTube

5. Translate & Adapt app

With Shopify’s new features, there will be no national or language border for eCommerce.

Localizing your shopify store content for your market can increase site traffic, improve SEO, and expand your target market area. The Shopify app store has a dedicated translation & adapt app that provides the free automatic translation in up to 2 languages. The editor allows you to easily compare and review translations and tailor content for different market characteristics.

Currency or regional regulations also may be a potential barrier to expanding the store globally. Check out a Market PRO to learn about Shopify’s end-to-end liability: https://www.shopify.com/markets

Shopify Global Market

6. Quantity rules

Shopify is not only for B2C businesses anymore. Sell your product or service to other businesses, called B2B. Since the platform started to support B2B business 6 months ago, diverse features and support have been released from Shopify.

Quantity rules are one of their new features in this Shopify edition. You can create order quantity rules, including minimums, maximums, case packs, and increments. These quantity rules can increase the average order value or simplify the fulfillment process.

Quantity rules on Shopify

7. Checkout to draft

It takes time to get the wholesaler orders since every stakeholder traditionally needs to check the order again and again on the phone or email. The new Checkout draft feature solves this problem.

You can streamline the order process for your business customers by using the checkout draft. Your customers can place draft orders and submit them to you, so the orders will not be confirmed until both parties confirm. You can also change the order content in case of a lack of stocks. Since orders from a business can be large in volume and amount, being able to manage risks on Shopify is very convenient.

Checkout to draft for B2B

8. Shopify Collabs for influencer marketing

Customer acquisition costs are increasing sharply due to environmental factors such as privacy regulations. More and more marketers are starting to pay attention to collaboration. The collaboration includes brand collaborations and creative creator collaborations to increase brand awareness. Shopify Collabs offers you a platform to leverage creator partnerships for your Shopify store.

You can create and manage a community of creators who can promote your product to their fans. Normally, conducting influencer marketing takes time because you need to find a suitable creator for your brand image, send them your product sample, and communicate with them to keep track of their creation process. However, with Shopify Collabs, you can do all of them in one place: send gifts & track orders and manage relationships. 

Shopify Collabs

9. Tokengated experiences

NFT technology excels at incentivizing people and building community through token design. And it is expected that this technology will be leveraged to deliver customers a new purchasing experience.

The new Shopify feature allows you to distribute unique NFTs on your Shopify store. For example, you can reward your loyal customers by giving them unique NFTs. Moreover, since NFT is a kind of digital currency, people can feel belonging to its community among people who own the NFTs.

Shopify Tokengated experiences

10. Granular permissions

As your business grows, more developers, designers, marketers, and others will be involved in the operation of your Shopify store. And giving each of them the appropriate permissions is necessary for a healthy Shopify operation.

Shopify has made further updates to this part of the system to allow for 10 more detailed permissions, from fields of price changing permissions to managing inventory permissions.

Granular permission

The Shopify Plus Winter 23 Edition is a major upgrade to the e-Commerce platform, offering new and improved features designed to enhance your online store’s performance and customer experience. Whether you’re looking to streamline your order fulfillment process, manage your inventory more efficiently, or provide a better customer experience, the Shopify Plus Winter 23 Edition has you covered.

We at Flatline Agency are here to help you take your business to the next step, including Shopify’s development, design, and marketing. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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