Marktplaats and Shopify launched Marktplaats Pro for your omnichannel strategy


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Shopify × Marktplaats

The Netherlands-based CtoC second-hand sale website Marktplaats.nl was established in 1999. In Dutch, the word refers to a marketplace. As the word indicates, people can buy and sell their products (or more like second-handed) on this platform. Marktplaats is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the Netherlands.

Online shops can utilize Marktplaats Pro to offer the advertisement of their product on Marktplaats and take advantage of the platform’s popularity. Retailers can easily add a new sales channel to their omnichannel strategy with just a few steps thanks to this app.

 ‘By joining forces with Shopify as a commerce platform for both large and small retailers, we offer even more entrepreneurs that stage. Moreover, we make it even easier for starting and small entrepreneurs to offer their products on our platform. We look forward to further expanding our partnership with Shopify and supporting entrepreneurs in various areas together.”
– Clemens Timmermans, head of Marktplaats Zakelijk

Marktplaats Pro

Download Marktplaats Pro from here

Your business can reach millions of people on Marktplaats.nl via Marktplaats Pro. There are more than 8 million unique users monthly on Marktplaats.nl. You can make ads that take the advantage of a large number of users on Marktplaats to raise awareness of your products and increase sales.

Also, since the ads on Marktplaats Pro and Shopify product information are synchronized in real-time, your ad will no longer be visible in case something is sold out from your store. So, you never waste your ads fee.

There are no start-up charges, no contract costs, and no requirements for minimum contracts. So, you’re free to stop whenever you like. It charges only for real clicks. You choose how much you wish to pay per click as well. You can properly advertise in this way without being constrained by anything.

FYI, now you can get 50EUR introductory credit for new users.

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