Linkedin as saviour


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Why Linkedin now?

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for growing your business in the marketing world right now. If you look at Facebook barely five years ago, an organic reach was possible. Linkedin still has this option available. However, LinkedIn, just like Facebook, is making an organic-reach harder and harder as the platform wins popularity.

While organic reach is still possible, we need to exploit it. However, certain questions are relevant in order to execute this.

  • how do we use it?
  • How do we build a community?
  • How do we get business using LinkedIn?

What most people do is connect with as many people as possible. After that, they go straight in and message someone saying something like:

“Hey can we do business with you?”

That just annoys people.

How to do it

The process we like to think of is, “how can we pull business towards us?”, instead of to push business towards us. Why would people come to us instead?

A big word is: content.

Simply put great content out there that’s all-around your expertise and your business. After you’ve done that for a period of time, people are going to come to you and will ask to work with you.

Now you’re probably asking yourself or your colleague: “how do I write awesome content?” You can write meaningful / inspiring content, create video’s, start to blog and much more. If you’re consistent, an audience will be built of people who like and trust your content and you.

Now, there’s a little loophole you can use, which is becoming a LinkedIn premium member. This costs around 50 euro monthly and allows you to connect with loads of people.

Therefore, you just connect with people rather than say “Hey why don’t you buy from me?”

When you connect to someone just say: “hey I’ll, put all this great content about stuff that you’re interested in maybe you’d like to take a look at it.” That is not invasive and much better than asking for direct purchase.

Great example

Let’s think of the one company that has done this spectacular well over the years, Disney. They just put out all this great content for free, on a daily basis, and because of this people want to buy from them.

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