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Klaviyo announced several new features that can enhance your user experience in the Fall 2022 Klaviyo Product Event. The theme of this event is “Build it with Klaviyo” They introduced the new features in 3 separate sections Data-driven solutions, smarter experiences, and stronger performance. Let’s check their new features together!!

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1. Data-driven Solutions

Klaviyo generated and updated the API endpoints. API stands for an application programming interface, and it can deliver the company data in a way of any computer can understand. This enables users to manage Klaviyo data in a programmable way.

New API endpoints

Get Catalog Items

Returns a list of items for the company. You can manage custom catalogs and use the data for your product feeds, campaigns, and flows simultaneously,

Get Flows

Returns a list of flows for the company. The flows can be sorted by id, name, status, trigger)type, created, updated. You can use flows data to manage flow status, and for evaluation of flow performance.


Creates a new subscription for the given list and channel (Email or SMS) You can post data from a subscription, event, and profile to power flow and segmentation logic.

Updated API endpoints

There are some updated API endpoints but we don’t mention them all here so check them here if you want to know more.

Updated APIs coming soon


Creates email and SMS campaigns programmatically on Klaviyo. With this API, updating, sending, and managing campaigns are possible.


Gets, creates, updates subscriber data for your marketing. You can provide better personalized marketing campaigns with the data.


Using programming tags, you may keep track of linked objects across your customers’ encounters with campaigns, lists, segments, and flows.

2. Smarter Experiences

Higher quality targeting

Nowadays, online marketing is more pricey than ever. With the new Google Ads connection, you can target more highly qualified buyers.

You can use Klaviyo’s data to Google Ads to make online advertisements. The strength of this new feature is that Klaviyo and Google Ads can be integrated so all data on Klaviyo can be automatically transferred to Google Ads without making any effort. Therefore, the cost-efficiency of your online ads can be improved because the up-to-date ads target audience engage more on your ads.

The customization of target audience is enhanced. Your ads will reach the audience that engage on your brand with high possibility.

More details here

Personalized product suggestions

With Klaviyo’s rules-based product recommendations, your message can be more personalized so that engagement rate will increase.

With this new feature you can:

  • Personalize your emails to enhance the consumer experience
  • Increase conversion rates by making well-matched recommendations
  • Learn more about the products that are being displayed to your customers

Virtual contact cards

SMS marketing is crucial when you want to reach your potential customers or get product reviews. However, most people ignore or do not respond to those messages. One of the reasons is the receiver sometimes see only phone numbers on the screen.

With Klaviyo, you can send messages via SMS with virtual contact cards. Your subscribers can benefit from this for the reasons below:

  • Get a text message with a virtual business card.
  • Create a new contact by tapping the contact card.
  • The brand’s contact information to your address book.
  • Stop receiving texts from anonymous numbers and avatars.

More details here

3. Stronger Performance

Campaign performance by target group

Klaviyo can give you a great insight toward which campaigns works better by providing campaign-by-segment reporting dashboard. Analyze the effectiveness of your advertisements and messages for each of your target customers, enabling you to find more effective ways to promote them.

By segmenting campaign performance, you can:

  • Clear insight into the effectiveness of communications for various audiences
  • Create clever, audience-specific campaigns that your clients are more likely to react to Increase opens
  • Engagement with more profound, personalized messaging

More details here

A/B testing

With automations running continuously in the background, it’s crucial to be able to quickly determine which content connects with your audience the most. This may be accomplished through A/B testing, which can help you save time and money by delivering the best-performing message variation to your audience at the ideal moment.

With this new feature, you can easily set up the A/B testing to understand which campaigns work better. The only thing you have to do is choose the winning metric on settings.

More details here

Source: Enhanced A/B testing for better flow email performance


Klaviyo is a great tool for the eCommerce owner and marketer. Keep up to date to use this tool more effectively and for your better marketing!!

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