WordPress: Worth starting or not?


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The biggest

WordPress is the most widely used website builder and content management system in the world. It’s been launched in 2003 and since then, it’s been crucial to the website making industry. Simply put, WordPress is super popular.

In 2019 35 % of all the websites and 38 % of top hundred thousand websites were wordpress based.

However, WordPress still remains a battle zone between a huge community of supporters and contributors who like just love it. This is because, it’s a free, open-source & easy to learn CMS. Besides, more than a hundred thousand themes and plug-ins are available.

The haters

On the other end, there are also millions of doubters and haters who mainly criticize WordPress. The critic is focused on Low speed, failing security, and poor Google rankings. but what if we tell you there is a hosting, especially optimized, to better meet WordPress performance and security standards? It’s called ‘WordPress hosting’. Hosting is one of the most important but commonly overlooked aspects of running your website. WordPress has been designed for flexibility and scalability on a variety of platforms. Therefore, you can run your website in any type of host.

Host it right

The only technical requirement for running your website is MySQL 15 (or higher) and PHP 5 2.4 (or higher). This does not mean that you should host your website just anywhere processed, without checking the quality of the host. Any other way, your website will surely load slowly, have high downtime, and be less secure. This can all be remedied by choosing a quality WordPress host.

In addition, a quality host will greatly improve the performance of your site and receive a ton of additional advantages. Common advantages are the ones below.

  1. one-click install that allows quickly installed WordPress to your website.
  2. Automatic updates to the WordPress core.
  3. WordPress centered support team that can handle any question related to WordPress.

The two main types of WordPress hosting are shared hosting and managed or private hosting. Shared WordPress hosting is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting you will ever find, which is mainly caused by sharing server resources with other websites. Hosting WordPress on a shared server can be an affordable choice for new business owners and smaller sites. However, managed or private WordPress hosting will use a dedicated server and increase quality standards & requirements.

Does WordPress look nice?

Of course! WordPress is just a CMS and you can make it look exactly how you like. If anyone is familiar with WordPress development he / she can make the perfect site or application for you within a relatively short time.

In other words…

What is WordPress hosting exactly?

  • A server that has been optimized to run WordPress.

Should I choose private hosting or WordPress hosting?

  • Absolutely chose private hosting! It just costs just a little bit extra but takes the headache and risk out of a slow website, being hacked, etc.

Should I still go for a WordPress site if it is static and simple?

  • Yes! WordPress is made for rapid development and has loads of advantages. It can look amazing without blowing all of your money on expensive fully custom development and difficult CMS integrations.
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