Flatline Agency X North Actionsports Group – Middleware solution


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North Actionsports Group (North ASG), known for brands such as North Kiteboarding, North Windsurfing and Mystic, called for Flatline Agency’s expertise for a middleware solution. In addition, Shopify Plus is a major step toward an excellent eCommerce solution to scale up online sales.

The big, the bold, the best

NorthASG, the parent company of North Kiteboarding, North Windsurfing and Mystic, has a distinct positioning: bravery. Daring suits the target group of extreme sports and its customers feel strongly connected with terms such as high-tech, limitlessness and ambition. This proposition translates into excellent products that are high on the wish list of surfers, kiters and foilwing surfers.

A middleware solution for the entire organization

There is nothing more frustrating than having to switch from one platform to another. To better streamline processes, NorthASG was looking for a way to connect its different software entities. From the PIM system and the ERP system to the multiple webshops. The task was to automate as much as possible. Flatline Agency found a solution to get join everything together, without losing relevant functions. Dylan Laseur of Flatline Agency stated: “The assignment was clear, a functional all-in-1 solution in which the relevant flows in the webshop were automated to achieve efficiency.”

The move to e-commerce in turbulent times

NorthASG had yet to break into the eCommerce industry. The changing consumer and market landscape, of course helped by the pandemic, changed this. The decision to switch to eCommerce did not happen overnight. It was important that the eCommerce platforms would replace the brand websites of all labels without losing the mindset. In addition, NorthASG was looking for a platform on which important omnichannel functionalities could be integrated, in order to be able to connect the worldwide store network with the new online platform. In the end, Shopify Plus came out on top.

Shopify Plus for the best customer experience

Comparative research soon learned that standard solutions offered by different webshop platforms were too standard for NorthASG. Shopify Plus is the enterprise version of the entry-level model of the Canadian platform Shopify. More is possible with the Plus variant, something that is important for a company like NorthASG.

A dream come true

NorthASG was no stranger to Laseur. In fact: “As a fan from the very beginning, it was an honor to come up with a multi-applicable solution for them.” Just like NorthASG encourages its target group to dare, Flatline Agency has set up an eCommerce channel that expresses the brand’s boldness.

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