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It was only two years ago that brothers Robin and Dylan Laseur started a company from a basement in Amsterdam. Under the name Orange & Lemons, they saw opportunities that other tech companies were missing. Dylan: “We had submitted requests for offers to various parties for a specific requirement. We were shocked by the prices and christening times and decided to do it ourselves.” A company was born. Now – scarcely two years later – the brand new company is ready for its new phase. A new name emphasizes Flatline Agency’s international ambitions. Flatline Agency, as it says itself, is entering a new phase. A phase in which it broadens the possibilities for clients. Several services are offered under different labels. A necessary broadening of the spectrum, as the customer requests are also becoming broader. That is why it is also expected of employees that they continue to develop on a weekly basis. Dylan: “We offer them the opportunity to do so, in fact, we demand that everyone wants to master the latest techniques. From ourselves, but also from our staff. We want to stay ahead of the music, so innovation is central to all our solutions.” All this fits Flatline Agency’s ambition: to become the highest-rated custom development & PWA (Progressive Web App) – a specialist of at least the Netherlands. “By now we are doing multiple projects that cost more than an average house”

The American dream

Becoming the best in the Netherlands is already a big ambition in itself. Flatline Agency, however, proves to think bigger than the national borders. The step to the American market is a logical one according to Dylan. That market is of course very large and rich. You also notice that people in the USA are impressed by what happens in Europe in the field of design and software. American entrepreneurs demand that their companies have the most innovative applications. They, therefore, look with great interest at what is happening in Amsterdam.” So as the Tech hub of Europe, Amsterdam is hot. An excellent opportunity for Flatline Agency to manifest itself as the forerunner in custom development & PWAs. And especially for multinationals from the United States. We’re doing several projects that cost more than an average house.

New premises in the heart of Amsterdam

The growth in staff that Flatline Agency caused practical problems with accommodation. Having sixteen people in an office with a maximum of ten people creates issues – which they experienced first-hand. Dylan says: “At one point we ran into some important deadlines. At the same time, meetings were taking place with potential clients. Meetings were being held at the same table and some employees were knocking out code.” With the new premises on Gerard Doustraat in the heart of Amsterdam, Flatline Agency now has premises that match the stature and ambitions of the company. “We want clients to come to us because they see a young and fresh company in front of them, exceeding all expectations with big ideas.”

Top brands want to live again

Flatline Agency delivers custom work. That’s also what makes the company so attractive to clients. “We want clients to come to us because they see a young and fresh company in front of them, exceeding all expectations with big ideas.” To date, that has led to a brand like MG having an app online within a month, created by Flatline Agency in Django. More and more companies need a pulse to shake things up. This can be done with a super sleek website, a complicated backend application or with a handy app. Flatline Agency makes sure that that lifeline gets moving again. Whether it’s multinationals or the garage around the corner, if the project requires innovative and creative solutions, Flatline Agency is happy. What’s important is that Flatline Agency takes responsibility for the entire process. From strategy to data, the company thinks along with its client in everything. The client often doesn’t know in advance what the final wish is. That is also difficult to express clearly – “our clients are often told about us through the grapevine and we have an exploratory first meeting. Over a cup of coffee, we try to find out what the client wants.” So Flatline Agency now does that under its new name in a new 3.5 times larger building. Appropriate for growth.

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