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Flatline Agency was built by 24-year-old high-flyer Dylan Laseur and his brother Robin, grew out of the office.

From their new and larger office in Amsterdam, they serve companies from all over the world, from small businesses to renowned brands such as MG Motor, for example. MASTERS talks to Dylan, where does he see his Flatline Agency in 3 years? A little over two years ago, the brothers wanted to establish an online platform to completely digitize the home rental market. But when they said they had written to parties from all over Europe, but couldn’t find anyone to do it at a normal rate, they decided to do it themselves. In May 2019, the young entrepreneurs created Flatline Agency; a young company focused on web, app and software development. The core business is high-end, custom development and design. Once the brothers started the company in Robin’s basement, but now the duo moves to a four times bigger office in Amsterdam’s Gerard Doustraat, together with their 14 employees. Still, the entrepreneurs have even bigger ambitions and are always looking for the best and most unique talents in the market to ensure quality and growth.

What is your personal USP?

“Infinite ambition, work ethic and genuine interest in other people or relationships and their growth ambitions.”

What can the older generation of entrepreneurs learn from you?

“I try to be fast, honest and transparent at all times, I think this is very important. Therefore, I make sure that I am available seven days a week at any time and can always get to work within two hours.”

Who is your teacher or inspiration in the entrepreneurial field?

“I have many sources of inspiration and often this starts with reading books. If I have to choose one or more, it’s Richard Brandson, for his passion and innovation, Elon Musk, for his work ethic and large-scale thinking and Adriaan Mol as a Dutch IT hero and serial entrepreneur. All three of these entrepreneurs have areas in which they excel by far and also all share my favourite pillar ‘ambition’.”

What is your motto or quote?

“I learn from the best and outwork the rest.

What’s the biggest entrepreneurial risk you’ve taken so far?

“I think the biggest risk was our scaling up with the help of the most experienced and best paid developers available at the time, actually there was no budget for this at the time. We did this at the time because you simply only get the best results with the best people. As a result, we took a big risk at the time and scaled up before it was actually possible.”

Where will you be in three years?

“At the moment we are growing rapidly within the Netherlands and Belgium and are making firm preparations to expand internationally. In short, within three years we expect to be the go-to party internationally for custom-development.”

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