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On 14th November 2022, de Ondernemer published a press release about Flatline Agency.

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They introduced Flatline Agency as a growing company in the innovation category. The article focused on our omnichannel approach to our clients with the title “the ‘perfect’ omnichannel strategy” (de ‘perfecte’ omnichannel strategies).

We are very honored that they have presented us in that way since one of our objectives for 2022 was to provide our clients with the ‘perfect’ omnichannel strategy. Omni-channel commerce is more than just the addition of new sales channels and communications methods. It is about designing the customer’s user experience. The customer is placed at the center of the strategy and everything works out from there.

However, the majority of companies do not have any ideas about how to create omnichannel e-commerce so not many companies are trying the omnichannel approach while they are aware of its importance. This is the reason why our omnichannel strategy is categorized as innovative in their press release. It is our strength that we can bring your e-commerce to the next phase by using our omnichannel strategy.

Oger – the omnichannel approach

Oger case is a good example of our outstanding achievement in the omnichannel e-commerce service. Every touchpoint with Oger customers was unified to carry out a seamless customer experience throughout any channel.

Oger is a luxury fashion brand focusing on high-end Italian menswear. The brand has been running its business since 1989 until now with the core value of “based on high-quality products and personal service”, and is currently one of the pillars of men’s luxury fashion in the Netherlands.

We collaborated with this brand to bring the next phase of eCommerce by creating a sophisticated, bright-new user experience through omnichannel, building and seamlessly integrating the Shopify webshop, Shopify POS, MarTech, and several custom apps.

Click the article below by De Ondernemer to learn more about ‘The ‘perfect’ omnichannel strategy’:

Flatline Agency: the ‘perfect’ omnichannel strategy


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