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Company culture

So what is it?

Corporate culture can be compared to natural forces such as winds and tides, which are there in the background, sometimes unnoticed. Sometimes obvious made of instinctive repetitive habits and emotional responses. A company’s culture is the collection of self-sustaining patterns of behaving feeling, thinking, and believing that determine the way we do things around here. When an organization is at its best, culture is going to energize its employees, and it’s going to make people feel good about what they do. This will advance the strategic and operating priorities of the company. It’s really an emotional energizer that you can’t get anywhere else at its worst. The culture can be a drag on productivity and emotional commitment, undermining long-term success.

Changing the behaviors

Instead of trying to change culture significantly, it’s much better to concentrate on changing the behaviors, because they’re more tangible and measurable coasters don’t change automatically, but they do tend to follow. Behavior chains focus on the critical few. A select group of important behaviors that would have great impact, if put into practice by a significant number of people, find a few things that people do that positively affect business performance, such as ways of talking with customers or starting meetings, make sure those things are aligned With the company’s overall strategy check, the people feel good about doing these things so that you tap into an emotional commitment. Next, translate those critical behaviors into simple practical steps that people can take every day. Finally, select a few employees who will respond strongly to the new behaviors and who are likely to implement and read them.

Companies can gain a competitive advantage when they focus on changing a few important behaviors tap into the powerful force of employees, emotions and enlist informal leaders.

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