Our top picks in Digitalization

Digitalization brings a lot of advantages to your business. It is more than a better-to-do thing now, more like a "have to" task to survive this fast-changing world.

Hubspot: lifecycle stages & lead status

By sophie • 3 minute read

Google vs. Bing – a search engine comparison

By sophie • 6 minute read

Klaviyo – a reimagined CDP for businesses of all sizes

By sophie • 4 minute read

Higher conversions through email campaigns

By sophie • 4 minute read

Shopify Summer Editions ’23 – our favourites

By sophie • 7 minute read

Shopify’s one-page checkout

By sophie • 4 minute read

The Ultimate Guide to Captivating the Hearts and Wallets of Gen Z in Retail eCommerce

By Robin • 5 minute read
Captivated Woman Immersed in Storytelling Journey | Blog Image

Unleashing the Power of Storytelling in Marketing: Forging Authentic Connections with Your Audience

By Robin • 6 minute read

Unleashing the Power of Customer Service on Social Media: 9 Approaches for Winning Over Your Audience

By Robin • 5 minute read

Marketing 2.0: Breaking Down the Hottest Digital Trends for 2023

By sophie • 8 minute read

Whatsapp on Gorgias

By Dylan Laseur • 3 minute read

Is Shopify good for restaurants?

By Dylan Laseur • 2 minute read

How To Make Your Digital Presence Stand Out In An Overcrowded Marketaround

By Dylan Laseur • 2 minute read

What is Snowflake?

By Dylan Laseur • 10 minute read

Shopify Plus’s new features lead your Shopify store to Global

By Dylan Laseur • 3 minute read
Several devices floating next to each other called 'Shopify POS Go"

Shopify POS Go is a new mobile POS hardware

By Dylan Laseur • 2 minute read
Email marketing image

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Simple Automated Scenarios in Shopify Email Automation

By Dylan Laseur • 4 minute read
Blockchain render

A simple explanation of blockchain

By Robin • 2 minute read

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