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Development is the core of creating a new digital service or product. You can get tips or more knowledge about the development in this cateogory.

Shopify Summer Editions ’23 – our favourites

By sophie • 7 minute read

Flatline Agency: Your Next Shopify Plus Partner

By Robin • 12 minute read
Money in a shopping cart in front of the Shopify logo. Illustrating the importance of choosing the right payment processor for your online store.

Choosing The Perfect Payment Processor For Your Shopify Store

By Robin • 7 minute read
Image showcasing the power and benefits of Shopify Plus for high-growth merchants in the e-commerce industry.

Shopify Plus: Unlocking the Power of Scalable eCommerce

By Robin • 8 minute read

10 Tips That Will Help You Build A Brand From Scratch

By Robin • 5 minute read

Shopify Plus Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

By Dylan Laseur • 4 minute read
REB workcase

REB case: platform revamp

By Dylan Laseur • 4 minute read
image of content delivery network

What is a CDN? Why does Shopify use it? | Everything you need to know

By Dylan Laseur • 3 minute read
iMac with pink background and stock photo website on the screen

A brief process of web design

By Robin • 2 minute read

Custom Development in 2022 | The Ultimate Guide

By Dylan Laseur • 26 minute read
Dylan Laseur and Robin Laseur sitting on a bench

De Ondernemer – Flatline Agency is already ready for its next challenge

By Dylan Laseur • 3 minute read
Gorgeous waterfalls ending in a river

Waterfall development: What is it?

By Robin • 2 minute read
Steel construction framework

What is a framework and why use it?

By Robin • 2 minute read
Render of a server in the cloud

Serverless application – why and what?

By Robin • 2 minute read

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