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Klaviyo – a reimagined CDP for businesses of all sizes

By sophie • 4 minute read

Higher conversions through email campaigns

By sophie • 4 minute read

The Ultimate Guide to Captivating the Hearts and Wallets of Gen Z in Retail eCommerce

By max • 5 minute read
Captivated Woman Immersed in Storytelling Journey | Blog Image

Unleashing the Power of Storytelling in Marketing: Forging Authentic Connections with Your Audience

By max • 6 minute read
Dynamic Ads on Facebook

What is the advantage of Facebook dynamic ads for your Shopify business?

By Dylan Laseur • 3 minute read
image of content delivery network

What is a CDN? Why does Shopify use it? | Everything you need to know

By Dylan Laseur • 3 minute read

Insights into how consumers see reviews when making purchase decisions

By Dylan Laseur • 5 minute read

Subscriptions by Yotpo bring your business a better retention rate

By Dylan Laseur • 3 minute read

What is Shopify Collabs? Try influencer marketing

By Dylan Laseur • 6 minute read
Women with glasses looking at her phone

I’m not addicted to my phone, or am I?

By Robin • 4 minute read
A group of people celebrating with a couple of beers

Bud’s Dream Bottle Makes Dreams Come True

By Dylan Laseur • < 1 minute read
Dylan Laseur and Robin Laseur sitting on a bench

Learn from the best and outwork the rest

By Dylan Laseur • 2 minute read
Various equipment such as camera are put on the white background

Omnichannel versus Multichannel

By Robin • 3 minute read
A light buld holded in a hand

Trend in Content Marketing 2023

By Robin • 4 minute read
Speech Sign on Pink Background

Content is not dead

By Robin • 3 minute read
Blue orange sliced

Stand out with Psychological design

By Robin • 3 minute read

Naming your brand

By Robin • 4 minute read

6 types of persuasion

By Robin • 5 minute read
Green plant

Accessible web design explained

By Robin • 2 minute read

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