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Okay, guys, welcome! Today we are going to be talking about some of the best design podcasts. Ranging from graphic design, to design thinking and everything in between. Let’s jump in!

1. 99% Invisible

99% invisible is one of the definitive Podcasts if you are into the world of design and like the audio medium. Host Roman Mars has one of the most captivating voices I think in the podcast world today. Be sure to listen to 99% Invisible.

2. The Honest Designers Show

The Honest Designers Show. Tom Ross, who is also the founder of Design Cuts, leads this awesome roundtable of mostly British designers around topics that modern designers are facing today. Whether you’re in a team or a solo designer. This sure has some episodes and topics that are a good fit for you.

3. The Busy Creator

The Busy Creator, by Prescott Perez Fox, has got to be one of the early podcasts. Prescott’s show is interesting because he delves into the tools, tactics, techniques, and productivity. All the things that help you do better at your day to day job. And maybe there are a few hacks in there that can help you out with time-saving or workflow.

Moreover, he’s got some great big-name designers on his show, as well as some folks you may have never heard of before. We love that blend of the two so you get like, these real-world examples and these amazing designers as well. Check out the Busy Creator.

4. Grits and Grids

One of my favorite topics outside of design and podcasting… is food. Well, specifically döner and coffee. Although those are topics that Joseph Szalla covers a little bit, Grits and Grids is a perfect mashup of design nerdery and food geeking out. Check out grits and grids.

5. The Logo Geek Podcast

If you can’t get enough British accents into your podcast rotation, you’re in luck! Host Ian Padget takes his UK-based show to talk about what to charge, what to put in your portfolio, and how to get started as a young designer. Check out Logo Geek especially if you’re into the process of designing for identity.

6. Well Made

Well, Made is hosted by Lumi founder Stefan Ango. Stefan was also on Obsessed With Design. A while back Lumi lived very much in the e-commerce and product design space. So as you can imagine a lot of the topics that Stefan covers are related to e-commerce production and packaging and getting a product out online. If that is of interest check out Well Made.

Okay, so that is Orange and Lemons’ top 6 design podcasts that you need to add to your list. We probably missed some good ones that we should be listening to.

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