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Amsterdam is one of our favorite cities in the world and that’s exactly where we’re hanging out – here today in front of the famous “IAmsterdam” sign. We’ll find out what makes the Netherlands and Amsterdam specifically such a great hub for startups entrepreneurs, and of course, digital nomads. Amsterdam was founded in the 13th century and the city, especially the downtown center, still retains a lot of its original charm.

Amsterdam’s charming construction

But it’s also a nice blend of new modern construction and a modern way of thinking & way of life. Some of the things we look for in a digital nomad destination are safety, infrastructure, and inclusiveness and Amsterdam certainly checks all the boxes when it comes to that! The Netherlands consistently ranks in the top 25 safest countries in the world (so it’s super safe) and Amsterdam has one of the highest concentrations of different nationalities on the planet.

The people for the win

It’s such an accepting culture and there’s something for everyone – people from any country can feel at home here.

Also, 90% of the population here speaks English so it makes it really easy to communicate.

CBR – 2020

The city has a population of around 800,000 people but there are actually more bicycles than there are people, which you will see all around us 🙂 There have been estimates of up to a million bikes in the city.

We love the canals, do you?

Here in the canal ring where there are 165 different canals, we’re also surrounded by almost 2,000 bridges but it seems like everybody is always riding their bike because it can take two to three times longer to drive somewhere than to bike! Our other favorite way to see the city besides biking is by water and so that’s what we’ll do today. To cover some of the basics the Netherlands is into the EU and it’s also part of the eurozone so the euro is their currency and it’s in the Schengen area as well. So what gives Amsterdam it’s a great quality of life? And why is it such a great digital nomad destination? Well, first of all, there’s a lot of transportation options.

You can get around the city by bus, tram. (the Netherlands was one of the first countries to regulate Uber) boat, bike, and pretty much anything you can think of. It’s also what’s called a “green city” which means they have a really high focus on taking care of the environment. They have their own climate investment fund and they have a goal to reduce their co2 emissions by 40 percent by 2025.

Green food, green space

So some of the ways that they’ve done this are to create green spaces everywhere, lots of parks, gardens on rooftops, they’ve added solar panels to many of the houses and residential areas throughout the city. So what about food? Well when it comes to that, the Dutch definitely know what they’re doing! The Dutch are the second largest consumers of coffee in the world and the Netherlands is also the largest exporter of beer! Yes 🙂 Besides coffee and beer which everyone likes there are 1500 bars restaurants and cafes throughout the city so there’s food from all over the world. Just as representative of the diverse population also the Dutch are known for having amazing french fries and we’ve tried them all over the city.

We can definitely confirm that they’re delicious you can even have french fries for dinner if you want

Unhealthy advice – Flatline consumabel

A coffee shop is where you can buy weed and a cafe is where you can buy coffee if having a good work-life balance is important to you you’ll definitely love the Netherlands! The Dutch are known for having one of the shorter workweeks but high productivity so they are a hub for business but they like to work hard and play hard, too.

When you’re not at work you can enjoy one of the many outdoor parks, cafes along the water, and we just have to point out that the weather is not always like this so don’t get your hopes up 😉 it does rain a lot but when the weather is good everybody is outside there are lots of live music outdoor festivals and people are always out and about the Netherlands was the first country to regulate gay marriage its LGBTQ friendly and very inclusive for people from any culture and also especially for women in fact there are many more women than men here which is a pro or a con depending on which side you’re on but the good news is women are respected in Dutch society and the Netherlands and Amsterdam, in general, is just a great place to be whether you can only stay for a short time or you’re making it your home base so that is why we think that Amsterdam is such a great digital nomad destination!

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