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frisco. logo

frisco. the corduroy company

The mission is to create awesome corduroy clothes from only the best materials.

Its first collection consists of 100% organic cotton caps.

Website: https://lookingfrisco.com/

frisco. case: What we did

frisco. ordered 3D models of their corduroy caps to put on their website.

In this kind of modeling product case, we normally ask for the blueprint of the product. In this case, we asked for the garment pattern to design models more easily.

For the frisco. case, since the garment pattern of their caps was not found, we started by making a blueprint of the cap by measuring its length, width, and everything else.

frisco. 3D model blueprint

Our visual designer perfectly reproduced not only the size of the product but also the texture and other elements because frisco. cherishes corduroy texture. So they created a 3D model as realistic as possible.

frisco. 3D model texture

Creating the 3D model for the website is difficult because two things are required simultaneously. One is to make the product’s 3D model as realistic as possible, the other is to make it look attractive to the consumers. For this cap case, even if the 3D model is realistic, the cap is not attractive when that is wrinkled like it was used. Hence, the 3D model of the cap is fulfilled and looks new.


frisco. displays our 3D models of their caps on the website. You can see how eCommerce websites can use 3D models to attract website visitors. We have rendered this wonderful corduroy texture and the shape of the caps in a very realistic way on their website.

frisco. shop page
frisco. shop page

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