3 things your business can try to increase repeat purchases with Smile.io


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Smile.io is a reward program provider that aims to increase repeat purchases for your business. In the recent e-commerce industry, the concept of LTV (lifetime value) has been attracting a lot of attention. LTV is a forecast of the revenue attributable to a continuing consumer-product relationship. Considering the long-term growth of your business, LTV is a key metric when you make marketing strategies, and you need to increase repeat purchases for a better LTV. However, it is not easy to lead your customers to visit your eCommerce again. Smile.io solves this problem with 3 loyalty programs.

Point program

A point program is awarding points when your customer makes a designed action. Smile.io offers Smile Wallet on your eCommerce website to give points that your customers can use for your product. This program can be conducted not only for repeat purchases. You can make incentives for actions below:


Points are given for opening an account or making the first transaction.


Throughout the customer experience, provide additional opportunities to earn points, such as product reviews, social media sharing and following, and even birthday celebrations.


By rewarding repeat customers who suggest friends, you may bring in more clients.

You can design the reward that your customers can get from this program: Percentage discount, Amount discount, Free product, and Free shipping.

VIP program

Smile.io enables your eCommerce site to give VIP status to the customers who purchase your product repeatedly. Actually, prioritizing customers according to their importance is necessary to increase engagement. Here is what you can do with a VIP program.

Entry rewards

When your customers go up a tier, Smile can automatically give them these benefits. eg.) Free product, Amount discount, Percentage discount, Accelerated points earning


Your business can give them custom rewards based on the VIP program. eg.) Voting on new products, Contest entries, Invites to special events and sales

What can define VIP?

You can also choose the milestones to achieve VIP status. Of course, the amount of money spent on your eCommerce site can be a milestone. Also, you can set up the total amount of points your customer earned on your site as a requirement for VIP status. 

You can also set the amount of time a customer spends on your site as a qualification for becoming a VIP. The qualification of becoming a VIP depends on what your business wants your customers to do. 


Using Smile for loyalty offers additional advantages outside just increasing repeat business. Gain the additional benefit of gaining new clients when customers recommend your company to their friends.

With Smile.io, you can easily award your customer when they share your website or when they recommend your product to someone. The rewards can be anything that is introduced above.


“Turning first-time customers into forever customers” is the word that smile.io is holding up. It is necessary to build customer loyalty to increase your long-term sales in the eCommerce business. Smile.io can be used on your Shopify Store. So, if you are interested in these marketing programs, try Smile.io with a free plan!!

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